Wednesday, November 10, 2010

30 Days of Thankfulness

Those of you who follow my Facebook postings know that I have not jumped on the 30 Days of Thankfulness bandwagon. I am not ungrateful, just busy. So here is what I am thankful for:

1 - My Beautiful, Amazingly brilliant, and wonderfully kind Daughter Hannah
2 - My Handsome, Whiz-kid, and supremely gentle Son Eli
3 - My Sweet, Silly, Gorgeous, Cuddly Baby Girl Evie Jane
4 - My Loving, (Tolerant), Patient, Wickedly Smart, Super-Dad Husband Jeremy
5 - My Strong and amazingly talented sister Kara
6 - My Thoughtful and funny brother Eric
7 - My Big sister Linnea whose presence in my life is missed.
8 - My Mama who gave it her all to make me who I am.
9 - My Daddy who’s tears I saw as the plane took off, bringing me back to boarding school years ago.
10 - All of my Grandparents who must have done something right and who led fascinating lives.
11 - My in-Laws who are generous and always ready to spend time with the kids.
12 - My wonderful Aunt Karen, Godmother supreme, talented, caring and thoughtful.
13 - My Uncle Dan who shares my political views and humor.
14 - My Uncle David and Aunt Shirley who are fun to be around (yes, I remember dancing to Pretty Woman in your car!)
15 - My Uncles Noel, Nathan, Byron, Rocky - all amazing people that I wish I saw more!
16 - My Aunts Sylvelin and Gloria - ditto!
17 - My 19 cousins - all of whom I feel like I just have not had the chance to hang out with enough.
18 - My Paschke family Grandmas, Aunts and Uncle and Cousins, brothers and sisters-in law - all truly wonderful people that I love dearly.
19 - Every teacher I have ever had. Some taught me what to be and others taught me what not to be, all valuable lessons.
20 - My friends, near and far, old and new - you know who you are (yes, Mom, they are all my friends!)!
21 - My home. It is easy to forget what a treasure it is when dealing with cracked doors and bursting pipes, but I am truly fortunate.
22 - My neighborhood - (you guys got counted twice!) some have referred to it as Mayberry. It may just well be.
23 - The GORGEOUS weather we have had this week. LOVE it.
24 - The many strong women who have come to my classes seeking to have a natural birth.
25 - Chai. ‘nough said.
26 - Photographs old ones and new ones
27 - My health.
28 - Having had an adventurous childhood. (okay, sometimes I am not so thankful for this)
29 - Smells - the ocean, cinnamon, frangipanis, ginger, clean babies, pineapple, chai
30 - the forgiveness of anyone who was unintentionally left off of my list. I love you all and am always reminded of how wonderful my life is because of the people in it. Yes, chai is nice, but you are nicer!

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