Thursday, January 28, 2010


Sorry, those of you who know me know that I do not shy away from controversy. I try to be careful but I am passionate about a lot of things.

So I have been following the buzz about the Tebows' Superbowl ad and there are a couple things that bother me about it. First of all it is the first ever advocacy ad permitted to run during the superbowl game. Why did they have to go and pick what is arguably the hottest topic out there to run in during a show that families and friends are watching together. I'm sure there will be more than one household shake-up as a result. Secondly, it is being watched by families which means that there are going to be a lot of parents out there thrust into explaining abortion to their kids. Why do they think this is a good idea??? It is beyond me. Why couldn't they use the gazillion bucks they are going to spend running the ad on something worthwhile like, I don't know, Haiti, orphans, starving people in their own community, homeless, poor, oppressed, AIDS, malaria, ANYTHING????!!!!

Here is the thing. I think that people who are anti-choice are missing something, I think that they assume that if you are pro-choice, you are pro-abortion. NO WAY! I think it is one of the worst, saddest most horrible things. BUT. But I do not think that anyone has the right to make that decision for anyone else unless they have walked a mile in their shoes. I could give all the sad and terrible examples that I'm sure any intelligent person could think of on their own, but one of the most impassioned arguments I have ever heard in favor of choice was a situation that I had never thought of - a woman carrying twins was told that if she did not terminate one twin, they would both die due to a complication known as twin to twin transfusion. Now, she was lucky enough to have been somewhere where that was an option for her. As horrid as that was for her, would the anti-choice folks have told her that she should have let them both die instead?

Yes, a loaded one, I know. But these situations are real and I do not believe that we should be the ones to make the judgement call on anyone when we do not even have a clue what they are facing.

I am not going to watch the superbowl, not out of protest of this ad, I never have watched it anyway. But, I am glad that I won't be the parent who has to explain to my kids what the ad is saying.

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