Friday, January 22, 2010


Getting rid of junk is so liberating. All junk, junk mail, knick knacky junk, general clutter, the stuff that never gets used, the toys no one plays with, the clothes that don't get worn... All of it!
I signed up for tonic mailstopper (did it change names again? I can't remember). For a few bucks, they get rid of most of your junk mail. Love it! Every day now, I get a small handful of mail, some of it junk, but not nearly the quantity we had two years ago before using mailstopper.
I sell the kids clothes when no one here can wear them anymore. Okay, this is the one that backfired on me. We got rid of the baby clothes before we decided on adding baby number three. Oh well, no biggie! She gets new ones.
Goodwill, veterans, anyone who wants stuff will get it form us at regular intervals. Ther eis not room in this house to keep it!

So I was interested recently when my friend was talking about this new diet book she got. It is written by one of the women on the show 'The Biggest Loser'. She actually recommends an organic diet, but more importantly she recommends cutting the junk. No not just the junk food, but also the fillers that are found in things that are advertised as 'healthy' - the low fat and fat-free versions of our favorites. My Mom told me years ago (yes, they do get wiser as we get older!) that unless your doctor has prescribed a fat-free/low fat diet for you, it is healthier to eat the regular fat foods and just be sure you eat the proper amounts. Makes sense to me, but the part I never understood that this woman points out in her book is that these artificial fillers (the junk) actually mess with our metabolism and slow it down. Wow! Now it all makes so much more sense. I usually do avoid these things, and knew that the fillers were not good, but now why.

So now we keep on getting rid of that junk.

Would life really be boring if it were simple? Someday I'd like to be able to answer that question.

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